M-Audio Oxygen 49 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

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Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1994.

Product Information

M-Audio Oxygen 49

49-Key USB MIDI Controller

M-Audio Oxygen 49The M-Audio Oxygen 49 USB MIDI controller delivers next-generation functionality from Avid, the leading innovator in mobile music production technology. Oxygen 49 features eight assignable knobs and nine assignable sliders, plus dedicated transport and track select buttons.

DirectLink mode automatically maps these controls to common DAW (digital audio workstation) functions* including transport, mixer, track pan, and plug-in parameters. Built-in factory presets offer support for popular virtual instruments right out of the box—no complicated setup required. Velocity-sensitive keys and a sleek, compact design round out a portable keyboard that’s perfect for both production and performance. No other MIDI controller in this price range has so much functionality while remaining easy to use.


  • Bus-powered 49-key USB MIDI controller—easy computer connectivity
  • 8 assignable knobs, 9 assignable sliders—control DAW (digital audio workstation) and virtual instrument parameters
  • DirectLink mode—instant controller mapping to DAW functions
  • Dedicated transport and track select buttons—streamlined session control
  • Pro Tools compatible—get hands-on control of the industry-standard DAW

A Portable Keyboard That’s Perfect for Both Production and Performance

Streamlined Session Control

Streamlined session control
Featuring eight assignable knobs, nine assignable sliders, dedicated transport controls and track up/down buttons, Oxygen 49 gives you total control over your session—allowing you to stay engaged in the creative flow of recording and mixing music rather than being interrupted by the constant back and forth between QWERTY keyboard and MIDI controller. DirectLink mode automatically maps Oxygen 49 controls to common DAW parameters*—while factory presets provide instant mapping to popular virtual instruments including Xpand!2, Hybrid, Velvet, Strike, Oddity, ImpOSCar, and MiniMonsta. Use the dedicated Select buttons to quickly switch MIDI channels and presets for deep tactile control over multitimbral software instruments. Interfacing a MIDI controller with your software doesn’t get any easier than this.


*For a list of DAW applications currently compatible with DirectLink mode, visit: www.m-audio.com/directlink.

Professional Quality

M-Audio MIDI controllers revolutionized mobile music production, and continue to be the best-selling name in the game. In fact, M-Audio controllers are used by more professional producers and players than any other brand on the market. Thanks to continued innovation over the course of nearly a decade, the Oxygen 49 controller has a solid, reliable build—and puts as much musicality into the keyboard as it does into the complement of other MIDI controls.

Pro Tools Compatible

pro-tools compatibleThe Oxygen 49 MIDI controller offers out-of-the-box integration with Pro Tools software—the industry standard DAW found in professional, project, and personal studios around the world. With DirectLink, the Oxygen 49 controls instantly map to key parameters in the Pro Tools Mixer, Edit, and Transport windows—as well as the powerful suite of virtual instruments bundled with Pro Tools. Together, Oxygen 49 and Pro Tools software provide streamlined workflows in a formidable system with tons of interface options and industry-standard file compatibility.

Full Features Overview

    • 49 velocity-sensitive keys
    • 8 MIDI-assignable knobs
    • 9 MIDI-assignable sliders
    • 6 dedicated transport controls
    • Dedicated track up/down buttons
    • DirectLink mode automatically maps controls to common DAW parameters
  • Factory presets map controllers to popular music software:
  • Xpand!2
  • Hybrid
  • Velvet
  • Strike
  • Oddity
  • ImpOSCar
  • Minimonsta
    • Unique Select buttons for on-the-fly step-through of presets, program changes and MIDI channels
    • 4 velocity curves and 3 fixed velocity settings
    • Sustain pedal input
    • Class-compliant with Windows XP, Windows Vista
      and Mac OS X
  • USB bus powered


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